March 2011

Food Prices Up As Global Costs Soar

As the world continues to experience radical climate changes and all-time natural disasters, commodities will continue to run late and yield failed crops and thus prompt unheard price hikes. A report by the World Bank reveals a jump of 29% of global food prices in the past year and just 3% below the all-time peak in 2008.

Economists are predicting higher prices in the coming months. China is experiencing inabilities to meet the demands of food supplies for its large population; drought and then flood in China, Thailand and Vietnam has affect low crop productions in mung beans, pumpkin seeds and fresh fruits, only to name a few; drought in Turkey has affected grape and apricot output while drought and flooding in Australia and Brazil has affected their export commodities.

On the Canadian front, we are paying 4% more on meat while 10.7% on sugar and confectionery. However the real pinch won’t come until the middle of 2011 when we check our grocery bills item by item. Due to high commodity prices, many packaged foods will be downsized to maintain competitiveness. Higher freight costs will also affect the prices we are paying at grocery stores.

Canadian Grocer, “Canadian food prices up slightly as world costs soar.” February 15, 2011.

January 2011

Get a Healthy Start to the New Year!

As we begin the new year, many of us have made some resolutions for the coming year. One of the top resolutions is losing weight or keeping fit and one of the best ways to do so is eating healthier. Begin your day with a nutritious bowl of cereal. Choose a healthy ready-to-eat cereal that is low in fat and sugar, high in fibre and made with 100 per cent whole grains, such as oats, whole grain whole wheat, whole rye, flax seed or brown rice.1

Dan-D-Pak has a range of nutritious cereals that is perfect for helping your day get off to a healthy and energetic start. The Goji Omega Boost Oatmeal contains Canadian grown quick oats with dried goji berries, dried blueberries, whole brown flax seeds, and ground flax seeds. These wholesome ingredients are good sources of antioxidants and essential vitamins as well as reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The Goji Omega Boost Oatmeal is high in fibre and is a great source of iron. Also try Dan-D-Pak’s line of delicious muesli, such as Fruit & Nut, Almond & Tropical Fruit, and Raisin & Almond, which are also made with Canadian oats, barley flakes, and flax seeds.

No matter what your lifestyle demands, choose among Dan-D-Pak’s healthy cereals to kick start your day!

1. Globe and Mail, ‘What should I look for in a healthy cereal?’ by Leslie Beck. Tuesday December 21, 2010.

December 2010

Beverages from Taiwan’s Famous House Brand!

Eight popular flavoured beverages from Taiwan’s Famous House brand have now made its way to Toronto! Backed by strict quality control and certifications, Winford Foods is pleased to introduce this popular line of beverages.  From papaya juice and pink guava to almond milk and soybean milk, these delicious drinks are sure to quench thirsts of various degree! Read more about Famous House.

Holiday Season 2010

Gift Baskets!

New for this holiday season, choose from our very nutty Dan-D-PakTM basket or an assortment of delicious treats from our popular brands in our Holiday Medley or Season’s Greetings. Give the gift of enjoyment of elegance this holiday. See this month’s promotions for more details.

November 2010

The Dan-D-PakTM line is receiving a makeover with a new packaging along with a logo design! The look is more modern and clean, using vibrant colours and creamy neutral tones that are pleasing to the eye. Flavour indicators are bolder then before, accented by monochromatic highlights.

A unified look across the categories will help paint a more collaborative presence on store shelves and displays to help consumers identify Dan-D-PakTM as an entire line.

The makeover has already begun to the nut categories so you may have already noticed their cashews, almonds, pistachios and peanuts in a new and exciting way!

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