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Naturally Unrefined Sugar
naturally unrefined STICKERDid you know that many other sugar brands are chemically bleached and undergo refinement processes? This causes many valuable minerals and nutrients of natural sugar to be removed. However unlike most brands, Taikoo’s unrefined sugars are naturally processed by simply pressing out, cleaning and crystallizing the juice from sugar canes that are imported from Mauritius. The purpose is to retain all of the natural molasses of the sugarcane, such as calcium, iron and potassium. It is this difference that gives Taikoo’s unrefined sugar its superior colour and flavour.

  • Coffee Sugar
  • Raw Cube Sugar
  • Golden Granulated Sugar
  • Dry Demerara Sugar
  • Light Muscovado

Specialty Sugars
Taikoo Sugar also offers a variety of premium products that meet the different needs of consumers. These products include slab sugars, rock sugars, beverage sugars, and specialty cooking sugars.

Ginger Red Sugar – made from traditional Chinese red sugar and blended with natural ginger.
Ginger with its herbal properties is known to aid indigestion and colic problems. It adds a hint of spiciness to your dishes, sauces and desserts.

Okinawa-style Natural Black Sugar – made from renowned Japanese sugarcane through traditional Okinawa-style production. It is perfect for women as it is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other vitamins. Ideal for preparing Chinese-style desserts and traditional health supplements such as Ginger Soup, Vinegar Stew.

Traditional & Natural Red Sugar – natural and high in mineral content, it is ideal for women, the elderly and weak people. This sugar is perfect for traditional Chinese dishes and desserts.

Premium Date Slab Sugar – made from premium red date and natural sugar cane, this sugar is best for those with fatigue, hypertension, physical exhaustion, and malnutrition. Use the Premium Date Slab Sugar for making nourishing dishes such as Red Date Chicken, rice pudding and sweet soups.

Raw Slab Sugar/ Golden Slab Sugar/ Honey Slab Sugar – these delicious slab sugars are perfect for enhancing colour and flavour in your Chinese-style cakes and desserts.

Cube Sugar/ Monocrystal Sugar/ Rock Sugar – the natural way to add sweetness to your beverages and soups.