Soo Jerky

Soo LogoSoo Singapore Jerky – “Popular Meat Snacks, Traditional Good Taste”

Soo Singapore’s beef, pork, and salmon jerky are the highest quality and best tasting meat snack in Canada.  Convenient, light, and vacuum packaged, Soo Jerky provides a great snack for camping, hiking, biking, golfing and many other activities.

Only Soo Singapore Jerky brings the many great flavours, taste and style of Southeast Asia to North America. Jerky (dried cured meat) is a great source of protein and energy. It is also high in nutrients and low in fat. Soo Jerky is available in over 25 delicious flavours to suit all taste buds. Soo Singapore Jerky manufactures their products in a Canadian federally inspected meat processing facility and observes strict food safety principles and quality systems laid out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. In February 1999, the food safety program was recognized by HACCP and QMP (Quality Management Plant) to ensure consistent quality and taste.

The Soo Singapore brand also offers other meat products such as shredded dried pork, meatballs and sausages. North American style beef jerky are also available.